THine Electronics

Camera kit offers leading-edge imaging for AI and IoT products with minimal effort

THine Solutions, Inc offers the new THEIA-CAM 13MP PDAF Camera, the THSCP101, that delivers high-resolution image streaming with OLogic's Pumpkin i350 and Pumpkin i500 EVKs. These

Industrial | 10-08-2023

New serial transceiver products for simplifying sensing and control systems

THine Electronics, Inc has released its new serial transceiver products, THCS253 and THCS254, that allow systems with many peripheral sensors to simplify cabling for the sensor and

Industrial | 25-07-2023

UVC camera kit now runs on variety of OS plus SBCs and SoC design platforms

THine Solutions has verified their THEIA-CAM THSCU101 13-MegaPixel Phase-Detection Auto-Focus UVC camera kit performs on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Jetson plat

Design & Manufacture | 04-03-2022

Standalone ISP and firmware dev tools to stream uncompressed 4K 30fps video

THine Electronics has introduced a new standalone ISP, the THP7312-P, to support video streaming resolutions up to 4K 30fps in YUV format. The new ISP supports all the features of

Design & Manufacture | 09-06-2021

Camera kit enables rapid development of embedded streaming video applications

THine Solutions has introduced its new THEIA-CAM family of camera Reference Design Kits. The first kit in the family is the THSCU101, a 13MP Phase-Detection Auto-Focus USB Video Cl

Design & Manufacture | 27-05-2021

Chipset enables designers to extend and aggregate images from dual HD cameras

THine offers their new MIPI CSI-2 extension chipset, THCV241A and THCV242. This new chipset enables engineers to extend MIPI CSI-2 transmission from 1' to over 15m! These new video

Semiconductors | 05-08-2019

HD camera system offers fast solution for high definition vision systems

THine has released an HD Camera Proof of Concept solution for ruggedised detachable HD cameras. The detached HD enclosure can be water and/or oil proof to sustain severe outdoor e

Products | 04-01-2019

High performance HD video interface for industrial and automotive applications

THine Electronics and CEL have announced an AEC-Q100 (Grade 2) compliant single chip solution (THCV241-Q) that integrates the MIPI CSI-2 interface with the well established V-by-On

Products | 14-12-2016