HD camera system offers fast solution for high definition vision systems

04-01-2019 | THine Electronics | Subs & Systems

THine has released an HD Camera Proof of Concept solution for ruggedised detachable HD cameras. The detached HD enclosure can be water and/or oil proof to sustain severe outdoor environment conditions. Higher resolution cameras are crucial to reliable operation and great user experience. The HD camera solution resolves many problems demanded by advanced vision systems. “THine’s V-by-One has become a de facto standard for delivering HD video content in consumer and commercial applications,” said Eric Almgren, CEO of Keyssa. “Our wireless connector works seamlessly with THine’s technology to enable new and innovative product designs that require HD video streaming.” “We are very excited to introduce an unprecedented solution where V-by-One® HS goes over the air thanks to Keyssa’s unique technology,” said Yasuhiro Takada, president and CEO of THine, and “We believe people from many markets will be very impressed with the potential of our state of the art solutions.”

By Electropages Admin