Standalone ISP and firmware dev tools to stream uncompressed 4K 30fps video

09-06-2021 | THine Electronics | Design & Manufacture

THine Electronics has introduced a new standalone ISP, the THP7312-P, to support video streaming resolutions up to 4K 30fps in YUV format.

The new ISP supports all the features of its existing THP7312 but offers higher video streaming resolutions at higher frame rates. It also incorporates a RAW8 output option needed to interface and collaborate with the ISP block of large scale SoCs. The 32bit RISC-based Hard-wired Image Signal Processor CPU in these ICs delivers high performance incorporating <1ms low latency and <0.5W power efficiency.

The new ISP is offered in two package options, a BGA (8mm x 8mm) and a smaller WLCSP (3.9mm x 4mm).

The ISP is supported by the company's upgraded GUI based ISP firmware development tool that accommodates its higher output speeds. The upgraded CDK tool includes multiple critical and easy to use software tools along with a hardware kit (THEVAP7312-P) with the THP7312-P inside, enabling customers to swiftly develop their own customised ISP firmware IP to drive and manage the production of their CMOS camera sensor module.

“The increase of MIPI CSI-2 output data rate may sound like a moderate improvement, but it is actually a breakthrough for many applications where real-time uncompressed 4K vision is required,” said Tak Iizuka, chief solution architect of THine Solutions. “With the THP7312-P and our development tools, customers can customise their high-performance video streaming application and get to production quicker than ever before.”

By Natasha Shek