Camera kit offers leading-edge imaging for AI and IoT products with minimal effort

10-08-2023 | THine Electronics | Industrial

THine Solutions, Inc offers the new THEIA-CAM 13MP PDAF Camera, the THSCP101, that delivers high-resolution image streaming with OLogic's Pumpkin i350 and Pumpkin i500 EVKs. These EVKs are powered by MediaTek Genio 350 and Genio 500 SoCs that deliver edge processing platforms for AI and IoT systems.

The kit is developed to interface to the Pumpkin EVKs and is based on the company's THP7312-P ISP and Sony's IMX258 13MP CMOS PDAF image sensor. The kit includes all items required to interface with the Pumpkin EVKs, including a camera board in an acrylic case, a Flat Flexible Cable, an Adaptor Board to support two MIPI CSI-2 ports of the Pumpkin EVK, and an available software driver to stream and control images. The kit can be simply set up using a Video4Linux2 (V4L2) driver available at THine to control various video functions and the libcamera middleware stack to integrate into the complete MediaTek Genio SDK.

The company's optimised ISP firmware provides excellent image quality and ultra-quick autofocus using PDAF technology. The performance of each kit is repeatable for usage in high-volume production due to the production process to characterise the image parameters of each image sensor and to calibrate the image signal processing to compensate for variation from sensor to sensor.

All the Linux files and reference circuit schematics are obtainable for customers. Also, for customers that need unique image performance features, it can provide a GUI-based software development tool that customises the ISP firmware. As a result, the THSCP101 speeds up MediaTek Genio platform customers' time-to-market without costly initial expenses or extra effort for developing embedded camera systems.

"THSCP101 relieves the design burden for numerous customers of MediaTek Genio series SoCs who require a high-performance embedded cameras," said Tak Iizuka, chief solution architect of THine Solutions, Inc. "Previously, developing a scalable integration of high-resolution and high-performance imaging capabilities to an AI + IoT system had been really difficult, but not anymore. MediaTek customers can now just plug the THSCP101 to Pumpkin EVKs and then see the state-of-the-art image quality just in a few minutes."

"It is quite a breakthrough for our solution offerings," said Ted Larson, CEO of OLogic, Inc. "We saw many customers who struggled to integrate high-resolution cameras. Despite many camera-related components available in the market, it was almost impossible for them to even perform decent colour tuning before going into production."

"Integrating THine's established vision system technology into our solution suite adds another advantage to our AI + IoT ecosystem," said St├ęphane Le Provost, senior director of Technology at MediaTek. "This kit makes it simpler for customers to include camera systems in their products without having to manage the long and expensive process of developing and producing them from scratch."


By Seb Springall

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