High efficiency power MOSFET ideal for telecommunication, industrial and enterprise systems

With the new n-channel SiHP065N60E, distributor Rutronik offers the first device in Vishay’s fourth generation of 600V E Series power MOSFETs. This new MOSFET lowers conduction and

Products | 28-04-2017

New accelerometer with high performance and class-leading resolution

With the LIS2DW12, distributor Rutronik offers the new member of STMicroelectronics’ low-power, high-performance MEMS product family. Taking context sensing in IoT and wearable dev

Products | 21-04-2017

Latest MCU family suitable for range of general purpose and low-power applications

With the PIC16F15386 family, distributor Rutronik presents the most powerful launching point into the 8-bit PIC MCU portfolio from Microchip. In addition to Microchip’s current CIP

Products | 24-03-2017

Low ohmic shunt resistors ideal solution for automotive and power system applications

The new PU series of low ohmic shunt resistors from Yageo are specifically designed for automotive and power system applications. It is available now from Rutronik.   Ad

Products | 21-03-2017

New EERAM memory offers unlimited endurance

Available at distributor Rutronik, theI2C EERAM memory, from Microchip, presents a new low-cost, low-risk memory solution offering unlimited endurance and safe data storage at powe

Products | 24-02-2017

Camera enables real 3D scanning and data output - like the human eye

The digital Intel RealSense camera, now available from Rutronik, combines a 1080p-HD-camera, the smallest infrared laser projector with an improved range by 60%, as well as an infr

Products | 14-10-2016

TVS diodes protect sensitive auto electronic equipment and portables

Available now from Rutronik, Littelfuse’s new TPSMF4L series transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes are specifically designed to protect sensitive automotive electronic equipme

Products | 08-09-2016

New compact TVS diodes ideal for line transient voltage protection

Rutronik are now offering the new VTVSxxASMF series of surface-mount TVS protection diodes from Vishay. They are claimed to be the industry’s first to feature a 2% breakdown voltag

Products | 15-08-2016

Serial interface NAND flash memory for embedded applications

Rutronik has expanded its portfolio of memory products for embedded applications with the new line-up of 24nm SLC NAND flash memory products from Toshiba. The devices are compatibl

Products | 04-08-2016

Starter kits provide shortcut for ARM platform evaluation and development

Advantech’s new ARM-based starter sits, powered by NXP and TI processors, provides a shortcut for ARM platform evaluation and development. The new starter kits are now available at

Products | 01-08-2016

Full colour OLED ideal for broad spectrum of applications

Available now from Rutronik, the round active matrix OLED module from DLC enriches the established application sections and opens new markets. It is also available with touch scree

Products | 01-08-2016

Analog digital PMW converter targeted for lighting dimming applications

Infineon’s new CDM10V, available from Rutronik, is a fully integrated 0-10V dimming interface IC. The device is targeted for various dimming applications in lightning. The

Products | 26-07-2016

Proven ATX Motherboard update offers a range of new features

The new version of Fujitsu’s proven ATX Motherboard D3348-B, the D3348-B2 is now available from Rutronik. It offers various new features. It addresses users' needs for powerful CP

Products | 11-07-2016

Jumpstart IoT innovations with new IoT Gateway starter kit

Designed to help users jumpstart IoT innovations with a reliable platform and open gateway technologies Advantech's IoT Gateway Starter Kit, developed in collaboration with Intel a