Development kit for AI-based applications to implement EDGE intelligence

09-09-2020 | Rutronik | Design & Manufacture

The first development kit produced by Rutronik, the RUTDevKit-STM32L5, is a total solution for AI-based applications running on an MCU platform. It facilitates hardware and firmware developers to provide proofs-of-concept within a short space of time. The focus here is firmly on security and data protection, short latency periods, low energy consumption and adequate storage resources.

Data generated by IIoT devices are frequently evaluated on MCU platforms within the application or close to the MCU-based embedded system. This is especially the case in industrial settings, whether for security reasons or due to the required latency periods. When it comes to implementing this Edge AI or Edge Intelligence, the company now provides a unique development kit that comprises all the necessary components.

The kit is based on a ultra-low-power high-performance microcontroller STM32L562ZET6Q, which performs at 110MHz. Its 32bit RISC-Core Arm Cortex-M33 with Arm TrustZone offers hardware-based security features that assure data security of the EI application through the inference phase. Due to Arm TrustZone, one core gives two independent processing environments: a protected one for cyber protection and sensitive code, and an unprotected one for the execution of untrusted code.

In addition to the microcontroller memory, the kit promotes use of an SD card with several GB as well as a protected area to securely store raw data and inference data of the AI model.

Equipped with CAN FD and RS485 interface, the kit facilitates fast transmission of large amounts of data.

The kit also comprises software and sample firmware, including a TrustZone demo, a test mode demo for CAN FD, a USB power supply and tamper detection demo, an RS485 Modbus demo, and a dual bank flash bootloader demo.

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