SoC delivers high-performance graphics capabilities and reduced system development cost

Renesas Electronics has released its high-performance R-Car D3 automotive infotainment SoC, designed to expand the use of 3D graphics instrument clusters (3D clusters) that support


PC-based simulator contributes to a reduction in development time and improvement in software quality

Renesas Electronics has announced a joint development of the VLAB/IMP-TASimulator virtual platform (VP) for Renesas’ R-Car V3M, an automotive SoC for ADAS and in-vehicle infotainme


Platform update strengthens security and expands IoT device-to-cloud connectivity

Renesas Electronics has announced the latest update of its Renesas Synergy Platform, claimed to be the first qualified, maintained and fully supported software/hardware platform th

Products | 08-09-2017

Real-time industrial network protocols and network redundancy protocols on a single chip

Renesas Electronics has announced the new RZ/N Series of industrial networking communication MPUs that simplifies network-based application development. The series is ideal for use

Products | 15-03-2017

Safety microcontroller lineup suitable for autonomous driving

Renesas Electronics today announced four new RH850/P1L-C Group of MCUs. The device group is designed for use in chassis and safety systems, such as anti-lock brake and airbag syste

Products | 19-12-2016

Flash memory cells for high-performance, reliable microcontrollers

Renesas Electronics has successfully developed what is claimed to be the world’s first split-gate metal-oxide nitride oxide silicon flash memory cells employing transistors with fi

New Technologies | 16-12-2016

All-in-One ADAS View solution kit for autonomous driving

Renesas Electronics has announced a new all-in-one advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) view solution kit. Expanding the success of the first-generation ADAS surround view kit


New 16 / 32Mb low-power SRAMs offer over 500 times more resistance to soft errors

Latest from Renesas are two new series of Advanced Low Power SRAM (Advanced LP SRAM), the leading type of low-power-consumption SRAM, designed to provide enhanced reliability and l

Products | 22-07-2015

Bluetooth Smart wireless solution accelerates embedded devices IoT applications

A new wireless solution that supports the Bluetooth Smart near field wireless communication standard, the RL78/G1D Group of microcontrollers (MCUs) has been developed by Renesas.

Products | 20-07-2015

Starter kit accelerates vision-based ADAS application development

Renesas has introduced its smallest R-Car-based development kit to date - the ADAS Starter Kit - based on Renesas’ high-end R-Car H2 System on Chip (SoC) and developed to help si

Products | 16-07-2015