Embedded automotive ADAS developments accelerated with new software

Renesas Electronics accelerates the development of ADAS systems with their new Perception Quick Start Software based on its R-Car V3H SoC. The solution provides reference software

Automotive & Transport | 07-06-2019

16-channel current driver with integrated decoder for satellite applications

Renesas Electronics has released a new radiation-hardened 16-channel current driver with integrated 4-bit decoder for decreasing the SWaP of satellite command and telemetry systems

Semiconductors | 05-06-2019

Complete automotive integrated cockpit reference solution shortens time to market

Renesas Electronics has introduced the Renesas Cockpit Reference Solution, offering an out-of-the-box development experience for swift and cost-effective digital cockpit applicatio

Automotive & Transport | 03-06-2019

MCU with built-in analog front end for high-precision sensing and measurement equipment

Renesas Electronics has introduced the RX23E-A Group 32-bit RX MCUs, merging high-precision AFE and an MCU on a single chip. Created for manufacturing and test and measurement equi

Test & Measurement | 30-05-2019

Group to expand MCU options for servo control in industrial robots

Renesas Electronics has introduced the RX72T Group of 32-bit motor control MCUs with dedicated hardware accelerator IP to deliver the complex, high-speed computations demanded for

Semiconductors | 20-05-2019

Radiation-tolerant PWM controller and GaN FET driver for new space smallsats

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released what is claimed to be the space industry’s first plastic-packaged, radiation-tolerant PWM controller and GaN FET driver for DC-DC power

Products | 24-04-2019

Touch-free UI solutions For 2D/3D gesture control

Renesas Electronics Corporation has launched two touch-free UI solutions to ease the design of 2D and 3D control-based applications. Based on the company’s capacitive sensor MCUs,

Products | 08-04-2019

Simplified development of USB PD and USB-C battery charging applications

Renesas Electronics Corporation has released two new reference designs that simplify and expedite the development of USB Power Delivery (PD3.0) and USB-C battery charging applicati

Products | 05-04-2019

Expanded MCU lineup for high-temperature-tolerant motor control applications

Renesas Electronics Corporation has expanded its RX24T and RX24U Groups of 32-bit MCUs to incorporate new high-temperature-tolerant models for motor-control applications that need

Products | 06-02-2019

Simplified home appliance maintenance with failure detection e-AI solution

Renesas Electronics launched its Failure Detection e-AI Solution for motor-equipped home appliances and features the Renesas RX66T 32-bit MCU. This solution with e-AI allows detect

Products | 23-01-2019

Low-power MCUs simplify designs and reduce BOM for IIoT sensor applications

Renesas Electronics has expanded its Renesas Synergy S1 MCU series with the introduction of the S1JA MCU Group. The ultra-low power S1JA MCUs feature the 48MHz Arm Cortex-M23 core

Products | 29-11-2018

Sensor network gateway design accelerates solution for smart factory

Renesas Electronics has a new IO-Link master development kit to expedite IO-Link-based application development for industrial networked devices in a smart factory. The developm


System-level EV and power management expertise boosts performance for racing team

Renesas Electronics has announced it is expanding its strategic technology partnership with Mahindra & Mahindra, Ltd and Mahindra Racing competing in the ABB FIA Formula E Champion

Products | 14-11-2018

Technological advancements showcased for smart living, healthcare and automotive environments

Embedded artificial intelligence (e-AI) is paving the way forward to a healthier, safer, greener and smarter world. Renesas Electronics Corporation will showcase its innovations th

New Technologies | 09-11-2018