Complete automotive integrated cockpit reference solution shortens time to market

03-06-2019 | Renesas | Automotive & Transport

Renesas Electronics has introduced the Renesas Cockpit Reference Solution, offering an out-of-the-box development experience for swift and cost-effective digital cockpit application development. Developed based on Renesas R-Car M3 SoC, the solution provides a mixture of production focused, module-level hardware and software developed by the company together with further software from the company's automotive partner network to alleviate the burden of system-level design.

“Automotive integrated cockpit is a challenging space because the integration of so many different cockpit functions, such as multiple operating systems, a rich UI, Bluetooth, and navigation, requires significant system-level insight,” said Daniel Sisco, senior director of Automotive Systems, Renesas Electronics. “Leveraging Renesas' deep expertise in both silicon and system-level design, our reference solution reduces the implementation burden, allowing customers to jumpstart their application development in a cost-effective way with production-focused hardware and software.”

The new reference solution offers OEMs and Tier 1s a full white box baseline solution that can be customised to satisfy various application demands. Based on the company’s high-performance R-Car M3 SoC, the cockpit solution is pre-configured to showcase hardware and software features for out-of-the-box development. Customers can then upgrade, reconfigure, or expand on the system to build tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements.

The ECU reference solution providers a functional, high-quality baseline implementation for multi-function display cockpit applications. The company provides customers with a full turn-key, automotive, LPDDR4 reference design to meet the challenge of high-speed IO interface design, complete with design and test collateral. Once customers customise the PCB for their own proprietary feature set, the reference design enables them to promptly bypass the traditionally steep learning curve.

Presented as source code, the software package allows users to jumpstart application design with no existing cockpit solutions or collateral needed. The package provides a complete reference cockpit solution, including BSP and drivers, OS, virtualisation example, Automotive-grade Linux example, middleware, and a full application layer.

TU-Automotive Detroit 2019, booth C190, June 5-6

By Natasha Shek