New Flash memory technology achieves larger capacities and faster read operation

18-06-2019 | Renesas | Automotive & Transport

Renesas Electronics has developed a new flash memory technology that delivers larger memory capacities, higher readout speeds, and OTA support for automotive MCUs using the next-generation 28nm process. This new technology delivers what is claimed to be the industry's largest capacity of embedded flash memory on an MCU – 24MB – and gives 240MHz random access read speeds, for embedded flash memory. The technology also produces low noise write operations when operating OTA wireless software updates, and high-speed and robust operation for OTA software updates.

Lately, in leading-edge technologies employed in-car systems, such as autonomous driving and electric drive, there have been growing requests for larger embedded flash memory capacities in the MCUs due to the growing scale of the control software. The entrance of OTA technology quickens the requirement for larger capacities to ensure adequate storage area for updated programs. Since it is essential to ensure real-time performance, due to the addition of new functions such as functional safety, faster random access read times from the flash memory are also greatly desired. Moreover, concerning OTA, three things are now greatly desired. First is low-noise design, so the updated software is able to be stored reliably even when the car is running. Second is decreased downtime during the software switching. Third is robustness to avoid incorrect operations even if unintentional interruptions happen when updating or switching software.

By Natasha Shek