16-channel current driver with integrated decoder for satellite applications

05-06-2019 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics has released a new radiation-hardened 16-channel current driver with integrated 4-bit decoder for decreasing the SWaP of satellite command and telemetry systems. The ISL72814SEH combines the decoder, input level shifter, and 16 current driver arrays in a single monolithic IC. The device enables satellite manufacturers to significantly expand system capacity and cut solution footprint by 50% for their MEO, GEO, HEO, and deep space mission profiles.

Multiple current drivers can send 28V/500mA pulses for 750ms to the more than 1,500 RF switches in a communication satellite’s payload, routing RF signals to the selected Internet radio stations and television channels. They also send 12V-30V with 50mA-600mA latching pulses to control the relays and solenoids that turn on/off the propulsion system thrusters, change orbital altitude, and turn on the motor to shift the solar panels. The device provides twice the channel count and 54% less VCE(SAT) power dissipation on each channel in comparison to competitive drivers. Its integrated level shifter excludes several peripheral components, and its internal clamp diodes remove the necessity for further protection circuitry when driving inductive loads.

“The ISL72814SEH offers satellite customers the ultimate in radiation immunity, mass and power savings,” said Philip Chesley, vice president, Industrial Analog and Power Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Our current driver significantly reduces the circuitry required on the bus, enabling manufacturers to add more functionality and processing power to their next generation satellites.”

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