New UV laser modules configurable to a wide range of applicationsNew UV laser modules configurable to a wide range of applications

01-02-2022 | ProPhotonix | Lighting Technologies

ProPhotonix Limited has added a new 375nm laser to its Photon laser modules range. As a laser diode distributor and laser module manufacturer, it delivers the latest laser diode technology. It has developed this new UV Photon laser module to meet the growing interest in UV lasers, including UV curing and Particle measurement applications.

The laser is a 375nm laser offered in power levels up to 70mW and is ideal for UV curing applications that need fast curing from a very focused UV light. 3D Printing applications, many of which use 405nm lasers, may benefit from this compact 375nm laser. The shorter wavelength permits resins that are not as light-sensitive, lowering waste and the necessity to shield the resin from environmental light to stop accidental curing. The laser can also take particle analysis applications to a different level with the shorter wavelength, letting even smaller particles be detected and measured.

The laser modules are compact, reliable and configurable to handle a wide range of applications. Now offered with adjustable optics and an enhanced boresight option, the platform provides easy integration as a final product, or an ideal evaluation product should users require to validate laser technology within a system. The company can partner to develop a customised laser module should an application have more detailed needs.

Jeremy Lane, managing director of ProPhotonix UK, said, “We are pleased to add this new UV option to the Photon laser platform. We believe the new 375nm wavelength combined with the reliability and configurability of the Photon laser platform offers OEMs a straightforward solution to integrate or evaluate UV lasers in their systems, enhancing their system performance.”