Extended digital laser module range offers five new wavelengths

07-09-2020 | ProPhotonix | Subs & Systems

ProPhotonix has announced the extension of its range of PROdigii digital laser modules with five new wavelengths covering 375nm, 405nm, 450nm, 905nm and 940nm.

With these further wavelengths in the UV, blue and IR range at output powers up to 500mW, the company can now provide digital laser solutions for numerous additional applications. The 375nm laser offers an ideal solution for UV curing and fluorescing applications. Two wavelengths have been added to the blue range, a 405nm digital laser excellent for 3D printing and particle measurement and a 450nm laser module which s ideal for spectroscopy. The new 905nm and 940nm infrared digital lasers are ideal for robotics and gesture recognition as well as LiDAR applications.

The laser module is a compact, full functionality, high-performance laser module offered with a uniform line, elliptical spot or diffractive pattern. The laser module has been produced to ensure excellent wavelength stability and superior thermal management in the toughest environments. The module offers control and monitoring of multiple operating parameters through an interface that is easily included into a broad range of systems.

Jeremy Lane, managing director, ProPhotonix Limited, commented “The PROdigii laser module range provides a configurable digital laser solution with straightforward integration into most systems. The addition of these five new wavelengths allows a wider range of applications for system designers and end-users to benefit from high-performance lasers with superior control and monitoring.”

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