Electro-magnetic sensor can be integrated into Smartphones and other devices

02-10-2019 | Premo | Test & Measurement

PREMO has released the 3DC14EMR-ULP series, claimed to be the lowest profile 3D antenna coil available (under 50% in comparison to other antenna coils in the market today).

The bulk of the 3D electromagnetic sensors offered in the market have the smallest height of 3.2mm. The lowest profile 3D coil before the release of this series was the PREMO 3DC06 series with a maximum height of 2.5mm.

The 1.65mm height target has been the most significant challenge during the last two years. It was delivered by a joint ecosystem development venture between BQ, UC3M University and Premo. The whole project was under the scope of a CDTI-Spain research project called ASUMP.

This is a true ultra-low-profile sensor with a 12mm x 14mm footprint and a 1.65mm maximum height that is able to be combined into ultra-thin devices such as SmartCard-type key fobs, conventional automotive key fobs, special miniaturised key fobs, Smartphones, and other devices such as hand-held controllers where EMMT is used for 6DoF applications.

With the new family, it is possible to 'float' the coil in the PCB, producing a true height of less than 1mm with a standard 0.6mm-1mm thick PCB.

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