Innovative pushbutton switches for automotive and harsh environments

16-03-2021 | Premo | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

PREMO has launched its Pushbutton Switches series PB-Sx, with excellent electrical, mechanical, and waterproof performance specially designed for vehicle access and other applications in tough environments.

This series has been produced and manufactured following the European and International PREMO patents EP3726552A1 and WO2020212406A1, respectively, to give a 100% sealed component against ingress of water and pressurised water (IP6k9), notably functional conditions (20k pulses underwater), and mechanical life endurance (reliability) >10E5 with a nominal push-force of 12 ±3N.

The company provide a special patent-pending interior design feature to evade any breakage due to random assembly operations, where outside shear forces may be applied against the door handle or even as a result of frictional impacts against a sidewall of the vehicle in narrow passages.

This range configurable within each model with the length of the cable, the terminals and the series resistor.

The company's fast mould-making technology enables easy customisation of button shape and housing dimensions to fit into existing or new door handler designs. In-house plastic injection processes, together with 3D printing and fast-prototype equipment, offer custom made switch samples in less than four weeks lead time.

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