Innovative antenna design for access and general RFID-LF access applications

10-10-2018 | Premo | Subs & Systems

PREMO has announced the LFAD-Series (Diabolo-shape) antennas, providing up to 40-50% reduction in length, this is an innovative design to produce the same H-field with a different L/D core relationship. In recent years their mid-range antennas with a sensitivity around three times the standard ones, became more popular, providing a wakeup distance around 4-5m. The antenna performance in term of mechanical robustness, resonance frequency variation versus temperature and waterproof have been the most important problem for designers. The company's innovation consists of using a core with a variable cross-sectional area that is maximum at both extremes of the antenna and minimum at the centre of the antenna where the winding is located. The antennas typically satisfy the AEC-Q200 and waterproof specs from IP54 to IP69K standards due to their specific packaging in PBT GF20-30 for IP69K). They also provide a much better drop, bending and torsion test limits.

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