Surface-mount 3D-coil integrates both LF and NFC functionality

03-02-2016 | Premo | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Premo has launched a new 3D-coil with double functionality in both low-frequency (125kHz) and high-frequency applications (13.56MHz). In the last few years, communication technology by Near Field Communications (NFC) has experienced many improvements. New tablets, smart phones, etc, have been announced with this NFC functionality for e-wallet application. Also, the high security level for data transmission that low frequency offers has led to the development of 'the ideal solution' - one component in which both communication techniques are feasible. The new 2D1D15 Series, provides 2D orthogonal coils designed for working at low-frequency (standard 125kHz) and a third orthogonal coil with this low frequency 2D which works at high frequency (standard 13.56MHz). This innovative and extremely compact antenna has a high surface resistance NiZn ferrite core material (>10Mohm/mm) and medium initial permeability to work at high and low frequency. This provide a very stable performance in a wide range of temperature (-40C to +85C). The 2D1D15 Series is offered with 4.77mH at 125kHz and 6uH at 13.56MHz as standard inductance values. This antenna can be ordered with custom inductance parameters to fit the desired performance, says the company.

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