End-to-end connectivity for next-generation soldiers

06-10-2023 | ODU Connectors | Connectors, Cables & Enclosures

In the new age of defence, the more battlefield data available to field commanders, the better. If the real-time position of every soldier is known, as well as the exact status of weaponry and the proximity of the enemy, then dynamic adjustments to the battle plan can be readily made, potentially avoiding loss of life. 

Today's 'Next Generation' soldier has the equipment to make this possible. A previous ODU whitepaper, 'Harsh Military Environments Demand Tough Solutions', discussed the importance of connector durability in the battlefield environment and introduced the ODU AMC Series T connectors, specifically designed for defence applications. 

In this latest whitepaper 'End-to-End Connectivity for Next Generation Soldiers', the company introduces ODU AMC High-Density (the original High-Density connector, in service since 2013) now with a new high-power insert – and the newer ODU AMC NP connector – describing the roles they play in enabling secure end-to-end connectivity.

By Seb Springall