Evaluation kit evaluates synchronous step-down DC-DC converter

Maxim Integrated MAX20058 Evaluation Kit is employed to evaluate the MAX20058 synchronous step-down DC-DC converter. The kit is optimised to generate a 5V output at load currents u

Design & Manufacture | 14-08-2019

Evaluation system is a comprehensive demonstration and prototyping platform for optical bio-sensor

Maxim Integrated MAXM86161EVSYS Evaluation System provides a comprehensive demonstration and prototyping platform for the company's MAXM86161 Optical Bio-Sensor. The device communi

Design & Manufacture | 07-08-2019

Fully assembled and tested PCB demonstrates the functionality of CAN transceiver

Maxim Integrated MAX33054ESHLD Evaluation Board is a fully assembled and tested PCB that demonstrates the functionality of the MAX33054E CAN transceiver. This CAN transceiver is fa

Development Boards | 31-07-2019

Healthcare sensors enable ultra-small size at lowest power and clinical-grade accuracy

Designers designing next-generation wearable health and fitness applications can lessen temperature measurement power by 50% with the MAX30208, as well as shrink optical solution s

Test & Measurement | 30-07-2019

Sensor evaluation kit evaluates integrated heart-rate monitor sensor module

Maxim MAX86160EVSYS Sensor Evaluation Kit affords a proven design to evaluate the MAX86160 integrated heart-rate monitor sensor module. The kit comprises of two boards. IFC6410 is

Design & Manufacture | 24-07-2019

Evaluation kit provides a handy user interface to exercise features of authenticator

Maxim DS28E50 Authenticator Evaluation Kit provides the hardware and software needed to demonstrate the features of the DS28E50 authenticator. This kit comprises of five DS28E50 de

Design & Manufacture | 18-07-2019

Health sensor is a unique development platform in a wrist-worn form factor

Maxim MAXREFDES101 Health Sensor Platform 2.0 offers a unique evaluation and development platform in a wrist-worn wearable form factor. This platform illustrates the functions of a

Test & Measurement | 12-07-2019

Security devices ideal for medical disposables available now

A wide variety of security devices from Maxim Integrated for medical disposables is available from Mouser. Including DeepCover secure authenticators and 1-Wire memory devices, the

Semiconductors | 09-07-2019

Bi-directional current sense amplifier offers high accuracy and motor efficiency

Designers are now able to improve motor efficiency and decrease vibration using the MAX40056 bi-directional current sense amplifier with patented PWM rejection from Maxim Integrate

Power | 02-07-2019

Compact four-channel automotive power management IC for vehicle camera modules

With automotive camera modules becoming even smaller, designers can now use the ultra-compact MAX20049 power management IC from Maxim Integrated Products, which combines four power


Highly Integrated USB-C buck charger reduces size by 30%

Designers of portable Li-ion battery-powered electronics can now have a simplified and more flexible way to add a USB-C charging system to their products with the MAX77860 3A switc

Products | 20-03-2019

Highly integrated, single-chip security solutions offer simple implementation

The highly integrated MAX36010 and MAX36011 single-chip security supervisors from Maxim Integrated Products offer security solutions to make it easier for designers to execute robu

Products | 31-01-2019

Latest ultra-low-power PMIC enables high sensitivity optical measurements

The ultra-low-power MAX20345 from Maxim Integrated Products integrates a lithium charger and debuts a unique architecture that optimises the sensitivity of optical measurements for

Products | 14-01-2019

Digital IO family meets Industry 4.0 challenges

Creators of industrial equipment endeavouring to satisfy the size, power and performance requirements of Industry 4.0 applications are now offered an expanded family of digital inp

Products | 09-11-2018