Evaluation kit evaluates synchronous step-down DC-DC converter

14-08-2019 | Maxim | Design & Manufacture

Maxim Integrated MAX20058 Evaluation Kit is employed to evaluate the MAX20058 synchronous step-down DC-DC converter. The kit is optimised to generate a 5V output at load currents up to 1A from a 24V input supply. It can be reconfigured to satisfy other system demands. The kit features a 400kHz switching frequency and can monitor IC characteristics like adjustable input undervoltage lockout, and adjustable soft-start. Other features can also be monitored like adjustable current limit, open-drain RESET signal, adjustable switching frequency, and external frequency synchronisation.

The kit operates from 6.5V to 60V at 24V nominal input and meets stringent OEM module power consumption and performance specifications. The kit provides jumpers for quickly adjusting peak current limit and mode selection. The auxiliary bootstrap LDO improves efficiency and features an adjustable soft-start time with external capacitor. The optimised application layout and components enable quick design implementation. The kit is supplied fully assembled and tested.

By Natasha Shek