Sensor evaluation kit evaluates integrated heart-rate monitor sensor module

24-07-2019 | Maxim | Design & Manufacture

Maxim MAX86160EVSYS Sensor Evaluation Kit affords a proven design to evaluate the MAX86160 integrated heart-rate monitor sensor module. The kit comprises of two boards. IFC6410 is the mainboard, and MAX86160 Breakout evaluation kit is the daughterboard that incorporates the MAX86160. The kit is powered utilising an external 5V/3A power supply to the IFC6410 and +1.8V through an LDO for the sensor and +5V for the internal LEDs of the MAX86160. The evaluation kit incorporates a MAX86160EFN+ installed in an 18-pin OLGA package.

The kit features real-time monitoring, with data-logging capabilities, and comes fully assembled and tested, employing Windows 7, and Windows 8/8.1-compatible software.

Typical applications include disposable patch sensors, fitness assistant devices, smartphones/tablets, and wearable and hearable devices.

By Natasha Shek