Evaluation system is a comprehensive demonstration and prototyping platform for optical bio-sensor

07-08-2019 | Maxim | Design & Manufacture

Maxim Integrated MAXM86161EVSYS Evaluation System provides a comprehensive demonstration and prototyping platform for the company's MAXM86161 Optical Bio-Sensor. The device communicates employing a standard I2C-compatible interface to the on-board MAX32664 Biometric Sensor Hub Microcontroller or in a pass-through mode for raw data collection. The device comprises of three optical readout channels that can be individually controlled (green, red, and IR). The system provides for flexible configurations to enable testing of various features of the sensor.

The evaluation system comprises of three circuit board assemblies (MAXSensorBLE_EVKIT, MAXM86161OSBFLEX, and Cypress CY5677 Dongle), one USB-C to USB-A connector cable, and a lithium polymer battery. Also, two programming circuit boards (MAXM86161_MAX32630_PRGMR_ASSY and the MAXREFDES100HDK) and one USB-B Micro-to-USB-A Male USB cable are supplied for firmware updates if required.

The system can be powered using a USB-C supply or LiPo battery and comprises a pre-installed MAXM86161EFD+ device in a 14-pin OLGA package. A MAX32664 biometric sensor hub microcontroller is also installed. This hub can be employed to implement the MaximHR/SpO2 Algorithm for evaluation.

By Natasha Shek