Health sensor platform helps evaluate complex, innovative medical and fitness solutions

The Maxim MAXREFDES100# health sensor platform is an integrated sensor platform that helps customers evaluate their complex and innovative medical and high-end fitness solutions. T

Products | 11-07-2017

Dual transceiver ensures robust communications with lower power for Industry 4.0 applications

Designers of Industry 4.0 applications can now achieve robust communications and reduce power dissipation by 50% with the MAX14819 dual-channel, IO-Link master transceiver from Max

Subs & Systems | 12-06-2017

Battery run-times can be maximised with new high accuracy, low quiescent current fuel gauge

Developers of portable devices can now easily design in the most accurate and low power host-side battery gauges with the MAX17055 ModelGauge™ m5 from Maxim Integrated Products, In

Products | 04-04-2017

PMIC reduces solution size by 50% for wearable medical and fitness applications

Designers of primary cell wearable medical and fitness applications can now significantly reduce solution size by 50% and extend battery life with the Maxim Integrated MAX20310 ult

Products | 03-04-2017

Defibrillation and ESD protection device safeguards medical applications

Targeting medical equipment such as defibrillators as well as ECG diagnostics and monitoring systems, the MAX30034 defibrillation protection device from Maxim Integrated Products p

Products | 03-03-2017

Maxim – Low power precision ADC for sensor measurement

Maxim’s MAX11410 is a new low-power, 10-channel 24-bit delta-sigma ADC optimized for precision sensor measurement. Its ultra-flexible analog input structure, combined with the

Products | 13-12-2016

Reference design speeds development of wearable heart and pulse monitors

Developers of heart rate and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitors can now accelerate their efforts using the ultra-small MAXREFDES117 reference design from Maxim Integrated Products.


Turnkey security for connected devices with cryptographic controller

Developers of Industrial IoT and connected embedded systems can now design in an added level of trust while also bringing their products to market faster with the MAXQ1061 DeepCove

Products | 01-12-2016

Secure microcontroller simplifies EMV contactless payment terminals

Manufacturers of mPOS terminals, ATM keyboards, EMV card readers, contact/contactless pin pads, and other mobile payment devices can now save PCB space and reduce the BOM, while br

Products | 22-11-2016

Wearables design simplified with ultra-low power, high-performance MCUs

Designers can develop high-performance fitness and medical wearable devices with enhanced functionality using Maxim Integrated’s MAX32630 and MAX32631 ARM Cortex-M4F microcontrolle


Octal high-side switch / diver demagnetizes inductive load for Industry 4.0 applications

Designers of industrial controllers can safely drive and demagnetize any inductive load for Industry 4.0 applications with the new MAX14913 octal high-side switch and driver from M


New solutions for industrial, healthcare and automotive markets

Maxim Integrated Products has announced new solutions designed to empower design innovation for the industrial, healthcare and automotive markets. Enabling the Factory of the Futur

Development Boards | 03-11-2016

Authenticator protects systems and securely control IoT nodes

Developers of industrial, medical, and IoT products now have an added level of IP and device integrity protection with the DS28C36 DeepCover secure authenticator from Maxim Integra

Design & Manufacture | 06-10-2016

Solar panels gain 30% more power using cell-string optimizer

New cell-string optimizer technology from Maxim Integrated Products allows photovoltaic (PV) panels to harvest significantly more energy and simplifies design complexity for solar

Design Applications | 14-09-2016