Analog efficient power ICs offer low quiescent current to extend battery life

Designers are now able to extend battery life and decrease the solution size of consumer, industrial, healthcare and IoT systems with three new Essential Analog ICs from Maxim Inte

Semiconductors | 18-03-2021

Precision measurement ICs achieve double battery life

Creators can now obtain double the battery life together with robust protection and the highest accuracy for IoT, industrial and healthcare applications with three new Essential An

Semiconductors | 25-02-2021

Battery monitor IC with integrated current sense amplifier offers space savings

Designers of automotive battery management systems can now achieve the highest levels of safety for voltage, current, temperature and communication while also making space savings

Automotive & Transport | 05-02-2021

Secure authenticator for genuine parts enhances vehicle safety and security

The newest addition to Maxim Integrated’s line of AEC-Q100 Grade 1 solutions for automotive systems, the DS28E40 is a parasitically-powered authenticator utilising its 1-Wire inter

Automotive & Transport | 15-01-2021

Small solar harvesting solution increases runtime of IoT applications

Designers of space-constrained designs are now able to increase runtime significantly with the MAX20361 single-/multi-cell solar harvester with maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

Power | 13-01-2021

Li-ion fuel gauge IC offers highest accuracy and lowest quiescent current

The new Maxim Integrated Products MAX17320 high-accuracy fuel-gauge and protection circuit extends run-time on multi-cell battery-powered products when also monitoring against self

Semiconductors | 25-11-2020

Automotive sequential LED lighting IC reduces size and cost

Maxim Integrated Products MAX25605 sequential LED controller provides easy and cost-effective addition of automotive sequential LED lighting features. It saves development time and

Automotive & Transport | 10-11-2020

Communications technology reduces factory downtime

Modern smart factories must quickly and remotely alter a sensor’s electrical characteristics to reduce downtime and maximise throughput. The MAXREFDES177# IO-Link reference design

Design & Manufacture | 02-11-2020

Automotive buck-boost controller slashes design size by up to 40%

Designers of automotive chargers can now have what is claimed to be the industry’s smallest and lowest-cost solution with the MAX25430 100W USB PD buck-boost controller and protect

Automotive & Transport | 16-10-2020

Neural network accelerator chip enables IoT AI in battery-powered devices

The Maxim Integrated Products MAX78000 low-power neural network accelerated microcontroller moves AI to the edge without performance compromises in battery-powered IoT devices. Exe

Semiconductors | 13-10-2020

Dynamic gesture sensing for automotive applications

Designers of automotive systems are now able to add dynamic hand-gesture controls with greater ease with the MAX25205 data acquisition system from Maxim Integrated Products. Provid

Automotive & Transport | 29-09-2020

Essential analog transceivers deliver reliable connectivity

Designers demanding longer uptime for industrial automation applications can speed troubleshooting and communicate across larger networks with the MAX33012E CAN bus transceiver and

Semiconductors | 22-09-2020

Essential analog temperature sensor ICs deliver precision measurement

Two new industry-leading Essential Analog ICs have been released by Maxim Integrated Products. The MAX31889 digital temperature sensor highlights an unmatched blend of accuracy and

Test & Measurement | 08-09-2020

Expanding connections to remote sensor networks can reduce complexity and cost

Designers expanding connections to remote sensor networks can now lessen complexity and cost to the industry’s lowest levels with the DS28E18 1-Wire-to-I2C/SPI Bridge from Maxim In

Test & Measurement | 17-08-2020