Ultra-small DC-DC power modules provide higher voltages

Engineers designing into applications in medical, factory automation, communications and consumer markets can now link into four new micro-system-level IC ('uSLIC') modules from Ma

Products | 30-10-2018

Authenticator IC offers SHA3-256 cryptographic engine to stop counterfeiting and cloning

Embedded systems designers can now simply and cost-effectively combine what is claimed to be the industry’s most advanced crypto-strong authentication into their designs with the D

New Technologies | 23-10-2018

Wearable health sensor platform could save six months of design time

Designers endeavouring to continuously monitor various health parameters can now quickly produce unique, very accurate wearable solutions using Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (HSP 2.0)

Products | 02-10-2018

LED backlight driver reduces design size by one-third

Automotive infotainment designers can now upgrade to bigger, higher resolution displays with greater ease, reduced cost and smaller solution size with the MAX20069 from Maxim Integ

Products | 29-08-2018

MCU delivers advanced cryptography, secure key storage and tamper detection in a small package

Maxim’s MAX32558 DeepCover IC enables faster and simpler design of robust security capabilities into industrial, consumer, computing and IoT applications. As the newest member of t

Products | 03-08-2018

High-performance PMICs power next-generation consumer applications

With a pair of feature-rich, high-performance and scalable PMICs from Maxim Integrated Products, designers of mobile systems can now maximise performance per watt while increasing

Semiconductors | 27-07-2018

Fuel gauges offers high levels of accuracy and ease of design

Designers can maximise runtime and achieve an enhanced user experience with the MAX17260 and MAX17261 ModelGauge m5 EZ fuel gauges by Maxim Integrated Products. Perfect for a wide

Products | 03-07-2018

Step-down switching converters and power modules reduce design cycles

Speeding time to market and reducing design cycles with EMI-compliant, Himalaya step-down switching converters and power modules are offered by Maxim Integrated Products. These sol

Products | 25-06-2018

Fault protection solution for high-speed USB ports and industrial voltage applications

With the MAX22505 ±40V high-speed USB fault protector from Maxim Integrated Products, designers can now remove USB port damage from all faults, including ground potential differenc

Products | 01-06-2018

Digital class D speaker amplifiers deliver high efficiency in a compact, plug-and-play solution

Maxim Integrated Products helps designers achieve highest efficiency in a compact, cost-efficient plug-and-play solution with the MAX98357 and MAX98358 digital-input Class D audio

Products | 17-05-2018

Advanced battery management system offers a safer, smarter car of the future

Automotive OEMs can improve the safety of their lithium-ion battery packs with robust communications, comprehensive diagnostics, and lower system costs with the MAX17843 12-channel


Defend designs from attack with cost-effective security

Designers can now simply, proactively, and inexpensively protect their intellectual property and products with a solution immune to invasive physical attacks — the DS28E38 DeepCove


Single inductor multi-output regulator and charger optimized for small Li-ion batteries

Designers of Bluetooth headphones, activity monitors, smart garments, smartwatches, and other size-constrained devices can now increase battery life and efficiency using the MAX776

Products | 28-07-2017

Intelligent sensors reduce maintenance and increase uptime

Maxim Integrated Products has announced its MAX14827A dual IO-Link transceiver has been adopted by Omron Corporation. The high-performing device utilizes IO-Link sensors to reduce

Products | 27-07-2017