Innoscience Technology

Integrated GaN HEMT IC family saves component count and design complexity

Innoscience has announced a family of four new integrated devices that combine power GaN HEMT, driver, current sense and other functions within a single, industry-standard QFN 6x8m

Semiconductors | 04-03-2024

Meeting high power demands with low RDS(on) power transistors in TOLL package

Innoscience has announced new, low RDS(on), high-power devices in its ever-growing family of 650V/700V enhancement-mode power transistors. New 30mOhm, 50mOhm, and 70mOhm RON parts

Semiconductors | 29-02-2024

New bi-directional GaN IC for BMS applications

Innoscience Technology has launched a new 100V bi-directional member of the company's VGaN IC family. The first family of VGaN devices rated 40V with a wide on-resistance range (1.

Power | 14-02-2024

Low voltage HEMT family in easy-to-use flip chip QFN packaging

Innoscience Technology has revealed a new range of low-voltage discrete HEMTs in FCQFN packaging. Rated at 40V, 100V and 150V, the 'flip chip' formatting makes it straightforward f

Power | 15-12-2023

Multilevel topology reference demo addresses GaN fulfilling EV and industrial needs

Innoscience Technology has collaborated with the Bern University of Applied Sciences to provide a reference demo that employs its 650V InnoGaN HEMT devices in a multilevel topology

Power | 12-05-2023

Compact and high-performance SolidGaN integrated half-bridge solution with driver

Innoscience Technology has released the first in a new family of SolidGaN-integrated GaN devices. ISG3201 is a complete half-bridge circuit comprising two 100V 3.2mOhm InnoGaN HEMT

Power | 28-03-2023

World's largest GaN-on-Si IDM to debut at electronica

Innoscience Technology will play a full and active role at the upcoming electronica 2022 exhibition. Denis Marcon, general manager Europe at Innoscience, will participate in two fo

Power | 07-11-2022

Extended GaN HEMT devices family are very cost-competitive

Innoscience Technology offers a complete range of 650V E-mode GaN HEMT devices. New 190mOhm, 350mOhm and 600mOhm RDS(on) devices in industry-standard 8x8 and 5x6 DFN packages to ad

Power | 26-10-2022

Bi-GaN bi-directional GaN HEMTs save space and increase efficiency

Innoscience Technology has released the Bi-GaN series of bi-directional GaN HEMT devices that save space and enable fast charging without suffering from reliability-limiting and po

Semiconductors | 07-09-2022

Bi-directional GaN HEMT with low RDS(on) for smart mobile devices and chargers

Innoscience Technology has released the INN40W08, a 40V bi-directional GaN-on-Si enhancement mode HEMT for mobile devices, laptops and cellular phones. The device has been produced

Semiconductors | 23-02-2022

Largest dedicated GaN producer offers low prices and wide availability

Innoscience Technology has launched its international operations in the USA and Europe. Headquartered in Suzhou, China, Innoscience is now supporting customers by adding design and

Semiconductors | 19-01-2022