Bi-directional GaN HEMT with low RDS(on) for smart mobile devices and chargers

23-02-2022 | Innoscience Technology | Semiconductors

Innoscience Technology has released the INN40W08, a 40V bi-directional GaN-on-Si enhancement mode HEMT for mobile devices, laptops and cellular phones. The device has been produced employing the company's advanced InnoGaN technology, which provides ultra-low on resistance.

Commented Dr Denis Marcon, general manager of Innoscience Europe and marketing manager for the USA and Europe: "GaN technology has been adopted by manufacturers of mobile phone chargers over the last couple of years to deliver increased power and shrink device size. However, Innoscience's significant breakthrough now makes it possible to introduce GaN HEMTs into mobile phone handsets as well, increasing efficiency and performance. With Innoscience's huge available capacity, we provide the secure supply chain that customers nowadays expect."

Providing a bi-directional blocking capability, the new GaN HEMTs provide an ultra-low on resistance of only 7.8mOhm. The company's advanced InnoGaN delivers this patented strain enhancement layer technology, decreasing sheet resistance by 66%. Gate charge (QG) is typically 12.7nC. The 5x5 grid WLCSP measures only 2mm x 2mm. This small footprint allows these GaN HEMTs to be integrated inside mobile phones. Applications comprise high side load switching, over-voltage protection in a smartphone's USB port, multiple power supplies, and chargers and adapters. The company's GaN technology facilitates efficient and more compact OVP systems by replacing two Silicon MOSFETs with one InnoGaN (or BiGaN) transistor. This saves on the overall OVP costs and makes the unit smaller, which is extremely important considering the space constraints on a mobile phone's circuit board.

By Natasha Shek