Diodes Inc

Low-power redriver supports MIPI D-PHY protocols

Diodes Incorporated offers its latest addition to its wide portfolio of ReDrivers with the release of a 1.8V low-power, four data lanes 2.5Gbps ReDriver. The DIODES PI2MEQX2505 is

Industrial | 05-10-2022

ReDrivers combine excellent signal integrity capabilities with low power operation

Diodes Incorporated has added to its comprehensive range of programmable multi-channel linear ReDrivers, offering three new 20Gbps devices with 1.8V voltage ratings satisfying fast

Semiconductors | 23-09-2022

ReDriver extends PCB trace lengths while minimising power consumption

Diodes Incorporated strengthens its range of PCIe solutions with the new high-speed data rate ReDriver device. The DIODES PI2EQX16924 is the industry’s first available PCIe 4.0 ReD

Power | 25-08-2022

Synchronous buck converter supports high-efficiency operation and reduces EMI

Diodes Incorporated has released a new addition to its automotive-compliant DC-DC converters family. The DIODES AP64060Q is a 600mA synchronous buck converter device with an input

Automotive & Transport | 12-08-2022

DMOS transistor array drives inductive loads while dissipating minimal power

Diodes Incorporated has released a new transistor array. The DIODES ULN62003A comprises seven 500mA-rated open-drain transistors, where all their sources are joined to a common gro

Semiconductors | 01-08-2022

Mode-programmable synchronous boost converter raises power efficiency

Diodes Incorporated has released a high-efficiency synchronous boost converter. The DIODES AP72250 is aimed at step-up conversion in consumer and industrial applications where smal

Power | 28-07-2022

High-precision bidirectional current monitors enable accurate measurement at low BoM

Diodes Incorporated offer a series of bidirectional current monitors based on a high-stability zero-drift architecture. These devices can accurately measure very low sense voltages

Test & Measurement | 20-07-2022

USB Type-C PD3.0 sink controllers enable cost-effective charging solutions

Diodes Incorporated has increased its portfolio of USB PD solutions by bringing two new high-performance USB PD3.0 sink controller ICs to the market. The DIODES AP33771 and DIODES

Power | 16-06-2022

Tunable Mux/DeMux linear ReDrivers enable routing at an ultra-high bit rate

Diodes Incorporated offers two new Mux/DeMux linear ReDrivers, supporting the 20Gbps DisplayPort ultra-high bit rate (UHBR20) transmission mode. The two devices are industry’s firs

Semiconductors | 06-06-2022

MOSFET increases power density in modern automotive applications

Diodes Incorporated now offers the PowerDI8080-5, an innovative high current, thermally efficient power package that satisfies the demands of EV applications. The first product to

Automotive & Transport | 27-05-2022

Packet switch addresses fan-out and multi-host connectivity

Diodes Incorporated has introduced a PCIe 3.0 packet switch IC. DIODES PI7C9X3G1632GP offers flexible multi-port and lane width configuration, resulting in elevated levels of perfo

Semiconductors | 23-05-2022

Low voltage buck converter for high power density automotive designs

Diodes Incorporated has launched the automotive-compliant DIODES AP61300Q and DIODES AP61302Q synchronous buck converters. These 3A-rated devices offer a wide input voltage range o

Automotive & Transport | 18-05-2022

Space-saving Schottky rectifiers set new benchmarks in current density

Diodes Incorporated had introduced a series of high-current Schottky rectifiers in ultra-compact chip-scale packages (CSPs). The DIODES SDM5U45EP3 (5A, 45V), DIODES SDM4A40EP3 (4A,

Power | 03-05-2022

SRR LDOs offer industry-leading quiescent current

Diodes Incorporated has added to its portfolio of power management products with the release of a new series of LDO voltage regulators. The DIODES AP7387 devices are employed in ap

Power | 30-03-2022