Diodes Inc

PCIe 3.0 packet switches bring greater data lane versatility to automotive systems

Diodes Incorporated has a new series of automotive-compliant PCIe 3.0 technology packet switches for next-generation, in-vehicle networking applications. The architecture employed

Semiconductors | 19-06-2023

Industrial-grade silicon carbide MOSFET enables higher power density

Diodes Incorporated has introduced its latest addition to the portfolio of SiC products: the DMWS120H100SM4 N-channel SiC MOSFET. This device meets the higher efficiency and power

Power | 11-04-2023

Space-saving TVS provides superior ESD and surge protection for high-speed I/Os

Diodes Incorporated has released its new bidirectional TVS diode, addressing market demands for a robust protection for high-speed data ports. The D3V3Z1BD2CSP is intended to provi

Semiconductors | 04-04-2023

Ultra-low quiescent wide input voltage LDO for automotive systems

Diodes Incorporated has released the AP7387Q LDO linear voltage regulator. The device provides a maximum output current of 150mA, a wide input voltage of 5V to 60V, and a dropout v

Power | 03-04-2023

Exchange switch enables fast multiplexing/switching in automotive media and ADAS

Diodes Incorporated satisfies the increase in automotive computing abilities and its simultaneous high-speed interfacing with the new DIODES PI3DBS16222Q. This four-channel differe

Semiconductors | 27-03-2023

Synchronous buck converters bring improved efficiency to auto PoL applications

Diodes Incorporated has released two new synchronous buck converters. Aimed at automotive PoL applications, the DIODES AP66200Q and DIODES AP66300Q cover a broad input voltage rang

Power | 20-03-2023

Intelligent high-side switch provides assured automotive system reliability

Diodes Incorporated introduces the DIODES ZXMS81045SPQ, its first protected, automotive-compliant, high-side IntelliFET. This device can deliver high power from a small footprint w

Power | 21-02-2023

LED driver RGB and single-colour solid-state lighting

Diodes Incorporated has released its latest linear current LED driver, the DIODES AL5887. This product provides a simple way of driving numerous LEDs, allowing complex colour mixin

Automotive & Transport | 06-02-2023

New silicon carbide schottky barrier diodes released

Diodes Incorporated has released its first SiC SBD. The portfolio includes the DIODES DSCxxA065 series with 11 products rated at 650V (4A, 6A, 8A, and 10A) and the DIODES DSCxx120

Power | 02-02-2023

Power switch includes simplified and enhanced power-rail management for SSS

Diodes Incorporated has released a new versatile single-channel high-side power switch. The DIODES AP22980 provides three different selectable slew rates so that wider capacitance

Power | 10-01-2023

Retimers bring power-efficient and low-latency operation to USB-C/DP designs

Diodes Incorporated targets growing opportunities in USB Type-C technology and lower power operation requirements with two new bit-level retimers. The DIODES PI2DPT1021 and PI2DPT8

Semiconductors | 16-12-2022

Decoder addresses automotive-compliant USB device charging systems

Diodes Incorporated has responded to the growing opportunities in pre-installed in-vehicle USB charging, by announcing a highly integrated dual-channel USB Type-C protocol decoder.

Power | 12-12-2022

PCIe 3.0 packet switch offers fan-out and multi-host capabilities

Diodes Incorporated offers its latest PCIe 3.0 packet switch, the DIODES PI7C9X3G1224GP. This high-performance 12-port, 24-lane device can be employed in edge computing, data stora

Industrial | 25-11-2022

Precision op-amps offer wide dynamic range and low noise operation

Diodes Incorporated is meeting the demand for advanced signal conditioning in modern automotive designs by releasing two precision op-amps targeted at different signal frequency sc

Semiconductors | 10-10-2022