PCIe 3.0 packet switch offers fan-out and multi-host capabilities

25-11-2022 | Diodes Inc | Industrial

Diodes Incorporated offers its latest PCIe 3.0 packet switch, the DIODES PI7C9X3G1224GP. This high-performance 12-port, 24-lane device can be employed in edge computing, data storage, communications infrastructure and integrated into host bus adaptors, industrial controllers, and network routers.

The device has a low packet forwarding latency of less than 150ns (typical). The flexible port configuration of this device is delivered by having the scope to assign variable lane widths to each of its ports. For fan-out purposes, any port of the packet switch can be configured as upstream and linked to multiple downstream ports. Through cross-domain end-point configuration of certain ports, multi-host arrangements can be supported – leading to increased performance and extended functionality. The adaptive receive side and transmit side equalisation (RXEQ/TXEQ) features included assist with maintaining signal integrity levels and delivering continued system stability.

The integrated PCIe 3.0 clock buffer is another plus point of the device. This simplifies designs and lessens the overall BOM costs. Advanced power management capabilities make it ideal for system designs where energy-saving gains are important. The operational temperature is constantly monitored by utilising its built-in thermal sensor. Error reporting and other diagnostic functions are also incorporated.


By Seb Springall