ReDrivers combine excellent signal integrity capabilities with low power operation

23-09-2022 | Diodes Inc | Semiconductors

Diodes Incorporated has added to its comprehensive range of programmable multi-channel linear ReDrivers, offering three new 20Gbps devices with 1.8V voltage ratings satisfying fast-growing USB4 Gen3, Thunderbolt 4.0 and DisplayPort 2.0 standards. The DIODES ReDrivers PI2DPX2020, PI2DPX2023, and PI2DPX2063 are aimed at use in laptops, desktop PCs, active cables, workstations, monitors and docking applications. Their low power consumption and compact, low-profile packaging makes them positively optimised for tablets and notebook computers.

Each of the new linear ReDrivers permits flexible adjustment of signal integrity parameters, such as equaliser and flat gain, through the different settings available. This mitigates channel loss and extends reach. These devices are transparent to channel link training. Also, they exhibit ultra-low latency figures (<300ps).

The PI2DPX2020 supports different operational modes for maximum design-in flexibility. These are 20Gbps/40Gbps USB4 Gen3 (x1/x2), 20.625Gbps/41.25Gbps Thunderbolt 4.0 (x1/x2), 10Gbps/20Gbps USB4 Gen 2 (x1/x2), 20Gbps USB4 Gen2/2 lanes of DisplayPort 2.0 and four lanes of DisplayPort 2.0. The four-lane PI2DPX2023 20Gbps DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR20) ReDriver supports pin strap equaliser and gain parameter control, while for the PI2DPX2063 20Gbps DisplayPort 2.0 (UHBR20), this is accomplished through the I2C interface pin.

These new devices have auto power-saving modes built in. They are supplied in 32-pin W-LGA4528 packages (with 2.85mm x 4.5mm x 0.7mm dimensions) and support an industrial temperature range.