Power switch includes simplified and enhanced power-rail management for SSS

10-01-2023 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has released a new versatile single-channel high-side power switch. The DIODES AP22980 provides three different selectable slew rates so that wider capacitance loads may be handled whilst keeping inrush currents down, providing system stability. This power switch is aimed at the solid-state data storage systems employed in portable electronic equipment, computer hardware, and edge-based data centre deployments.

The N-channel MOSFET, with a built-in charge pump inside the device, offers an extremely low Rds(ON) of 5.1mOhm, allowing loads reaching 6A while minimising voltage drops and power losses in high current loading applications. By providing a separate VBIAS pin, the minimum input voltage that it can support is notably lower, producing a wider input voltage range that can be covered – from 0.285V to 5.5V – allowing greater application flexibility.

With 60µA (typical) quiescent supply current, the device is highly optimised for cases where keeping standby power consumption down is a priority. This device has an operational temperature range of -40C to 105C. An overtemperature protection mechanism is triggered if the junction temperature exceeds 150C.

The three-level selectable slew rate power switches are provided in the compact W-QFN1520 package that takes up little board space and eases integration.


By Seb Springall