Latest module introduces flexible fabric configuration

23-04-2021 | Concurrent | Subs & Systems

Concurrent Technologies has announced that its AM C8x/msd AdvancedMC module is now shipping in deployment quantities. Since the first development boards were provided in 2020, the product has been validated for employment in high performance compute applications that need multi-processor configurations with low latency connectivity.

Jane Annear, managing director of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “In addition to the products we supply to major defence projects, a significant percentage of our revenue comes from the telecoms market. In this case, the telecoms equipment manufacturers required a product that was suitable as a technical refresh to the module we had been supplying previously. They required a newer generation of processor to provide a significant performance leap within a limited power budget as the basis of 5G test equipment. They also needed an option to support future fabric bandwidth upgrades to support new features and capabilities during the life-cycle of their product with minimal hardware changes. We designed AM C8x/msd to be suitable for use in these complex instrumentation and test environments where equipment needs to have sufficient flexibility to allow for in-service upgrades. In this case, we provided the option to change the fabric interface between RapidIO® and PCI Express®, delivered customer-specific Board Support Packages and provided world-class customer support.”