CompactPCI processor board offers better performance and security

27-11-2020 | Concurrent | Subs & Systems

Concurrent Technologies has released a further 6U CompactPCI processor board from its product roadmap. PP F84/m3d is offered to customers who require better performance and security as well as those wanting to boost the life of current deployments without a backplane change. It has sufficient features and connectivity to allow a high degree of backwards compatibility with other CompactPCI processor boards, with the purpose of simplifying transitions.

The device is based on a four-core Intel Core i3-9100HL processor with 16GB soldered DDR4 ECC DRAM. It has two front Gigabit Ethernet ports for enhanced connectivity and two XMC/PMC module slots to maximise local I/O expansion. With security being a key part of recent applications, the device offers TPM 2.0 and supports Intel Boot Guard as standard. It also is supplied with a collection of peripheral interfaces and with the option of a high bandwidth direct-attached storage module up to 1TB capacity.

Jane Annear, CEO of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “One of our key values is the ability to support the needs of our customers. Through the development of this new 6U CompactPCI processor board, we continue to meet critical programme timescales with a product ready for deployment. Where practicable, we will continue to support both the long-established VME and CPCI form factors as well as the newer VPX and AMC architectures and to provide suitable options for our customers in order to match their budget and timeframe challenges for ever-changing markets.”