AdvancedMC processor board offered with fabric options

10-11-2020 | Concurrent | Subs & Systems

Concurrent Technologies has released a full-size AdvancedMC processor board that is based on a six-core Intel Xeon E-2276ME processor with a 2.8GHz base frequency for high-performance applications. Compared to earlier product generations that had a fixed fabric interface, AM C8x/msd is offered with either a PCI Express or RapidIO fabric interface allowing the product to be employed in a mixture of user configurations. The device is ideal for wireless applications, including 4G/5G test instruments that need multi-processor high bandwidth solutions.

By default, the board is supplied with 16GB soldered DDR4 Error Correcting Code DRAM with single-bit error correction and dual-channel architecture. The board offers front panel connections for simple development and network uplink, as well as an array of backwards compatible backplane connectivity. Unique to the board, the Gigabit Ethernet backplane connections can be configured for 10Gbit operation to greatly enhance Ethernet throughput.

Jane Annear, managing director of Concurrent Technologies, commented: “Our AdvancedMC modules are suitable for a wide range of different applications and markets. This new module is the latest in a series of flexible products and boasts a significant increase in performance compared to our existing offerings. By utilising AM C8x/msd, our customers are able to run more intensive applications with faster responses.”

By Natasha Shek