Three-phase transformers for industrial and medical applications

05-12-2023 | Bel Fuse | Power

Bel Fuse Inc. has announced that its Signal Transformer division released the expansion to their 3PH Series of Three Phase Dry Type Transformers aimed at medical, industrial, lighting, EV charging and green energy applications.

Adaptable to numerous requirements, these rugged isolation transformers are developed and permanently configured for a three-phase DELTA input and a WYE output. A value-added ESS between input/output windings attenuates line noise by stopping the feed-through of undesirable signals and acts as a safety feature in case of single fault conditions.

Built with a robust Class H (180), reinforced UL 1446 File E66312 insulation system, a 4KV dielectric withstanding rating, a 130 max self-heating temperature @ 40 max ambient, and low leakage current capability, the series is suited to accommodate power conversion demands. Applications include MRI, radiation, and other medical equipment, machine tooling, welding machines, and wind, solar, and lighting power conversion systems. These rigid transformers operate at 50Hz or 60Hz, providing a range of power from 2KVA to 35KVA with a maximum of 500VAC input voltage and 69A RMS max load current, providing efficiencies greater than 93%. All models are UL recognised to UL 60601-1 medical standard for construction under UL File E151299.

The company can easily modify these transformers to create variations for client needs quickly.

By Seb Springall