Expanded dual output DC-DC converter series for railway systems

31-08-2023 | Bel Fuse | Power

Bel Fuse Inc has expanded its RCM Series of converters with the RCM300 Series dual output DC-DC converter for railway and transportation systems.

The dual output converters are reliable power supplies, providing 300W at +24V/-24V, the two input voltage ranges covering all common railway batteries. The two outputs are independently regulated, permitting tight and constant regulation even at extreme cross loads.

The converters are developed for chassis mounting and display a closed housing. With low inrush current, exceptionally high efficiency and power density, the devices are appropriate for railway traction, auxiliary converters, and railway PoE applications.

The series converters offer a five-year warranty and are compliant to EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2, and AREMA electrical standards, EN 45545 and NFPA 130 fire and smoke standards, and IEC/EN 62368-1 and UL/CSA 62368-1 safety standards.

Multiple feature options are available, including an output ORing FET for redundant operation, interruption time of 10ms (class S2), shutdown input, and an output voltage monitor controlling a relay.


By Seb Springall

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