Efficient GaN power technology for AC/DC switching power supplies

28-07-2023 | Bel Fuse | Power

Bel Fuse Inc has expanded the EOS Power Series by adding MEPG300 and MEPG500 devices, designed especially for medical applications and based on new, efficient GaN technology.

The EOS Power MEPG300 Series of AC/DC power supplies accommodate a universal input voltage of 90-264VAC, delivering up to 300W of output power with forced air cooling, and provided in six single output voltages ranging from 12V to 58V. The series is constructed to the most recent medical standards (EN/IEC 60601-1), with 2 x MOPP isolation options for Class I applications.

The EOS Power MEPG500 Series of Medical AC/DC power supplies provides up to 500W of regulated output power over a wide input range of 90-264VAC. The power supplies are also offered in six single-output voltages ranging from 12V to 58V. This series can be employed in applications that need low power loss and simple thermal management.

The devices are convection-cooled units, removing the necessity for fan maintenance and unnecessary audible/ambient noise and vibration, which can be unsuitable for various medical applications. RoHS compliant and CE marked, the power supplies are safety agency certified and meet the latest regulatory requirements.

With minimal power loss, easy thermal management, and efficiency of up to 94%, the devices can be employed in therapy devices, hospital beds, imaging equipment, monitoring and surgical devices, diagnostic and dialysis equipment, drug pump, home health care, and ultrasound.


By Seb Springall

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