New series of fast-acting fuses for hazardous environments

19-04-2023 | Bel Fuse | Passives

Bel Fuse Inc has released its Type 0AMA series of 3mm x 8.4mm Fast-acting Fuses. These competitively priced fuses are created for barrier circuits in intrinsic safety applications associated with hazardous locations, specifically medical and industrial environments. With the release of this series, the company extends its portfolio to incorporate robust and reliable products that meet the demanding needs for protecting and maintaining electrical equipment in harsh environments.

This series of ceramic tube fuses provide a patented design that enables them to withstand surges and excess overcurrent without blowing out prematurely or failing at higher temperatures. They are fast-acting, have a high interrupting rating of 4000A at 250VAC/DC, and can operate from -55C to +125C.

These fuses target barrier circuits in intrinsic safety applications relating to hazardous locations. Varying from 40mA to 250mA, the series offers overcurrent protection solutions to suit many applications, and they fulfil all electrical performance specifications for intrinsically safe (EN60079-11) applications. They also fully comply with EU Directive 2011/65/EU and amending directive 2015/863. The series also has UL Recognition for the US and Canada.

The series has nine SKUs, rated for currents 40mA, 50mA, 63mA, 80mA, 100mA, 125mA, 160mA, 200mA, and 250mA.


By Seb Springall

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