AC/DC split core current sensor for wide-bandwidth and high-current applications

Yokogawa Test and Measurement Corporation has released the CT1000S AC/DC split core current sensor. The device combines the accuracy of the company's conventional current sensors w

Power | 13-06-2024

High-definition oscilloscopes support development of automobiles and other applications

High-definition oscilloscopes support development of automobiles and other applications Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation has released the DLM5000HD series high-definitio

Test & Measurement | 19-09-2023

New range of visible wavelength and optical spectrum analysers

Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation has released the AQ6373E visible wavelength and AQ6374E wide-range optical spectrum analysers. Designed as successors to the AQ6373B and

Test & Measurement | 11-09-2023

New optical spectrum analysers covering a wide wavelength range

Yokogawa has launched two new optical spectrum analysers (OSAs) to fulfil market demands for an instrument capable of measuring a wide range of wavelengths to meet new optical prod

Test & Measurement | 08-08-2022

Explosion-proof tunable diode laser spectrometer added to lineup

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has created an explosion-proof version of the TDLS8200 probe type tunable diode laser spectrometer as part of its OpreX Analyzer family. The device of

Test & Measurement | 26-07-2022

Accurate power analyser enables precise verification of power losses in transformers

Yokogawa has released the WT5000 Precision Power Analyser - Transformer Version, which helps transformer manufacturers develop and validate the losses of highly efficient products

Test & Measurement | 27-05-2022

New features added to next-generation data-acquisition equipment

Yokogawa Test & Measurement has added additional features to its newest DL950 ScopeCorder, enhancing its data acquisition abilities and adding firmware updatable options. Utili

Test & Measurement | 26-11-2021

New current sensor element and firmware upgrade for power analyser

Yokogawa has released a new Current Sensor Element and upgraded the firmware for its WT5000 Precision Power Analyser. The enhancements are intended to assist companies enhance perf

Test & Measurement | 12-04-2021

High-performance and affordable four-wavelength OTDR

Yokogawa has released its AQ1210D dual-purpose OTDR for both single-mode fibre and multi-mode fibre networks. Part of the AQ1210 series OTDR, the new device satisfies the needs of

Test & Measurement | 23-09-2020

Next-generation mixed signal oscilloscope provides major improvements

Yokogawa has released the DLM5000, a new generation mixed-signal oscilloscope with options for four or eight analog inputs. The new oscilloscope succeeds the previous eight-channel

Test & Measurement | 03-09-2020

Passive oscilloscope probes ideal for dense PCBs with wide temperature range

The new Yokogawa Model 701949 and 702907 passive oscilloscope probes are intended to expand the usability and applications of the company's DLM3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. The 7

Test & Measurement | 10-08-2020

Fully featured OTDR offers high-end tester in a handy cost-effective package

The new Yokogawa AQ1210 OTDR differentiates from the existing AQ1200 as internally it has been completely re-engineered to provide the features and user-friendly operation of the A

Products | 04-03-2019

Probe type tunable diode laser spectrometer ensures safe and energy-efficient operations

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has developed the TDLS8100 probe type tunable diode laser spectrometer as part of its OpreXTM Analyzer family. The device is aimed at applications in

Products | 25-01-2019

New module provides support for higher-speed testing in future automotive requirements

Yokogawa Europe has a new CAN FD monitoring module for its ScopeCorder family of portable data-acquisition and recording instruments. The new 720242 plug-in module is compatible wi

Products | 23-04-2018