New low-profile antennas offer the widest range for automotive applications

Kyocera AVX recently released the new A-Series low-profile, surface-mount automotive antennas at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The new series of low-profile SMT antennas are qualified according to AEC-Q200 standards and provide the industry's wide

Kyocera AVX | 26-02-2024

Standard gain horn antenna radome covers enhance outdoor performance

Pasternack has released its innovative standard gain horn antenna radome covers. Meticulously designed, they protect a wide array of waveguide horn antennas, providing optimal functionality and resilience in outdoor settings. The standar

Pasternack | 23-02-2024

Three-terminal MLCC attains industry-leading capacitance in a compact package

Murata has extended its line-up of high-Q-rated MLCC. Designed for high-frequency module applications such as those used in cellular communication infrastructure, the GJM022 series expands the world’s smallest high-Q capacitor with a voltag

Murata | 22-02-2024

Automotive grade precision chip resistors for industrial and automotive controls

Automotive and industrial electronics require performance under harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures. Film chip resistors are generally limited to full power up to 70C and operating temperatures up to 155C. Stackpo

Stackpole | 21-02-2024

Phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators offer precise control

Fairview Microwave offers its latest releases in RF technology – phase shifters and continuously variable attenuators. These cutting-edge products feature a dial design, providing unmatched precision and versatility for various applications

Fairview Microwave | 20-02-2024

Defence-grade antennas for mission-critical applications

Fairview Microwave has launched its advanced defence-grade antennas. The new products include ruggedised GPS, manpack omni, and vehicle omni antennas designed to excel in mission-critical applications such as vehicle navigation, personnel c

Fairview Microwave | 16-02-2024

New film capacitor series for high-power applications

New Yorker Electronics has released Exxelia’s new Alcon FP-20-400-SP Film-Capacitor for high-power applications. Because of its outstanding power density, it can handle high levels of power without compromising performance. This device h

New Yorker Electronics | 14-02-2024

New code added to high-temperature series of wet tantalum capacitors

Kyocera AVX has added a new 100mF/3V rating to its TWD High-Temp Max-Cap (HTMC) Series hermetically sealed and axial leaded DLA T4-size wet tantalum capacitors. Initially launched in 2016 with only two ratings (25mF/10V and 50mF/6.3V), the

Kyocera AVX | 13-02-2024

Reflectors enable precise radar cross-section measurements and antenna testing

Fairview Microwave has released its new trihedral corner reflectors. These specialised devices are engineered to excel in radar technology and antenna testing, providing invaluable solutions for precise testing and measurement applications.

Fairview Microwave | 12-02-2024

Lead-free automotive grade chip resistor series now available

In anticipation of the forthcoming review of RoHS and the current exemptions permitted by the EU, an increasing number of markets are investigating fully RoHS-compliant alternatives that do not need any exemptions. While several manufacture

Stackpole | 08-02-2024

Varistor series offers a breakthrough in automotive and electronics surge protection

Littelfuse, Inc. has released the SM10 Varistor Series, a revolutionary MOV designed to deliver superior transient surge protection in automotive electronics, EVs, and other applications. This latest addition stands out as the first surface

Littelfuse | 02-02-2024

Varistors in SMD design provide high surge current capability

TDK Corporation has released two new varistor series in SMD design. The types of these series are offered for a wide range of operating voltages from 175VRMS to 460VRMS, corresponding to 225VDC to 615VDC. While the B72210M* series of surge

TDK | 01-02-2024

Automotive-grade power inductors deliver the highest industry standards

Murata has expanded its line-up by releasing the DFE2MCPH_JL series of automotive-grade power inductors with values of 0.33µH and 0.47µH, specifically designed for automotive powertrain/safety equipment. Compared with existing products in t

Murata | 01-02-2024

Ultra-high power thin film chip resistors for industrial applications

Industrial electronic controls and instrumentation pose challenges to designers. Industrial applications require high power handling and stability in harsh environmental environments but also may require precision tolerances and TCRs, a dif

Stackpole | 31-01-2024