New RoHS-compliant high-voltage stacked SMPS capacitors suit many needs

A new RoHS-compliant series of high-voltage, DIP-leaded stacked SMPS capacitors has been introduced by AVX. Rated for 1,000–5,000V and capacitance values spanning 100pF to 15µF, the RV Series capacitors feature low ESR and ESL, low DC leak

AVX | 06-02-2015

Long-life / quick-charge 'secondary battery-replacement' capacitor range enhanced

Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems (PAISEU) has improved and extended its portfolio of high capacitance Gold Cap electric double layer capacitors (EDLC). New versions are available which can operate at lower temperatures suiting

Panasonic | 06-02-2015

Trimming potentiometers designed to meet the most demanding requirements

Vishay Foil Resistors' 1240 / 1260 Series Accutrim trimming potentiometers are now available from Digi-Key. The Bulk Metal foil ultra-high-precision Accutrim trimming potentiometers designed to meet and exceed the requirements of MIL-PR

Digikey | 05-02-2015

New high-power thick-film ceramic resistors suit wider variety of applications

Designed to handle high pulse power and energy better than standard thick-film chip resistors, Stackpole's new RPC Series employs thick film on ceramic technology. The new high-power versions allow the RPC Series to be used in a wider v

Stackpole | 05-02-2015

VCXOs designed to meet today’s requirements for 3.3V LVDS clock-generation needs

Designed to meet today’s requirements for 3.3V LVDS clock generation applications, ON Semiconductor's NBVSPXXXX voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) devices are now available from RS Components. The devices use a high-Q fundament

RS Components | 04-02-2015

Distribution deal delivers full portfolio of power resistors and more

Anglia Components has added a range of power resistors covering 0.1W – 2000W following its appointment as the newest UK and Ireland distributor for US specialist manufacturer Ohmite. Anglia will also offer Ohmite’s heat sink range, and w

Anglia | 04-02-2015

High-performance thin-film resistors feature 'T' level failure rate for critical applications

Vishay has enhanced its E/H series of precision MIL-PRF-55342-qualified thin-film surface-mount resistor chips to offer a 'T' level failure rate for critical space applications. The QPL devices are qualified to TCR characteristics E, H, K,

Vishay | 04-02-2015

Radial-leaded automotive varistor series expands with new ratings

AVX has extended the voltage and energy ratings of its radial leaded TransGuard automotive series with the addition of new VR20 varistors, expanding both the number and type of applications for the devices. Based on patented multilayer v

AVX | 04-02-2015

World-class EMI filters and capacitor products for the most demanding applications

Syfer Technology EMI filters and capacitor products are to be distributed by TTI. Syfer Technology, a Knowles company, produces the highest quality components, utilizing superior materials that span from volume products to high reliabi

TTI Europe | 03-02-2015

Neutral ground resistors offer line-neutral voltage to 8kV up to +760C

A new series of neutral ground resistors for industrial power systems has been introduced by Vishay. Consisting of the company's GRE1 high-power, high-current grid resistors mounted in rugged, weatherproof IP23-rated enclosures with extrem

Vishay | 29-01-2015

New oscillators feature wide operational temperature range and more

Latest from Euroquartz is a range of oscillators that offer wide operating temperature range, femtosecond integrated phase jitter and superior phase noise performance. The XON91 and XON53 oscillators offer frequencies from 1.25MHz to 6

Euroquartz | 29-01-2015

Capacitor discharge / balance resistor is quick and easy to mount

Arcol has announced availability of the RW wire-wound discharge resistor. The resistor is designed for quick and easy mounting on to capacitors typically to be used as a discharge or balancing resistor. Discharge resistors are routinely

Arcol Resistors | 27-01-2015

High-temperature low leakage automotive varistors

A new series of high-temperature low leakage automotive varistors has been introduced by AVX. Qualified to AEC-Q200, the new high temperature, low leakage CANATL Series automotive controlled area network varistors exhibit extremely low leak

AVX | 26-01-2015

New high-current high-inductance power Inductors target electric vehicles

Coilcraft's new AGP4233 Series shielded power inductors offer a novel combination of high current handling and high inductance, making them ideal for high-current power supply and filtering applications such as those used in electric vehicl

Coilcraft Europe | 23-01-2015