Power resistors for high-current, sensing, high-voltage and high-energy applications

15-09-2015 | Anglia | Passives

Anglia Components has further extended its power resistor range with internationally recognised UK manufactured aluminium-clad wirewound components, following the acquisition of Truro-based ARCOL UK by Ohmite. Anglia announced its appointment as an Ohmite distributor earlier this year.

The acquisition gives Anglia access to the full range of ARCOL products which will continue to be marketed under the ARCOL name in the UK. Anglia has already put in place stock of the ARCOL HS series of aluminium clad power resistors, for which it is well known. These are available now via Anglia Live.

Commenting, Anglia's marketing director, Graham Bridger, said: "The acquisition of ARCOL by Ohmite makes great sense for both companies - they offer many complementary products and together will be able to serve their customers much better. We're delighted with this extension of our portfolio."

Peter Craik, international sales director, Ohmite, added: "The acquisition solidifies Ohmite's global presence in the power resistors market and establishes a manufacturing presence in Europe upon which to grow. Anglia has made great progress with the Ohmite products in the few months that we've been formally working together. It makes perfect sense to extend their product portfolio following this strategic acquisition."

Ohmite provides resistive products for high current, sensing, high voltage, and high energy applications. The company's full complement of resistor constructions includes wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition.

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