New flat-wire surface-mount storage choke operates to 150C

02-09-2015 | Wurth | Passives

Latest from W├╝rth Elektronik is a new SMT-capable storage choke. The is pick-and-place and reflow-capable WE-FLAT-I flat wire power inductor is a storage choke with low DC resistance, high current rating, high saturation current magnetization and has operating temperature ranges from -40C to +150C.

A narrow air gap in the leg reduces the stray field. With its low, compact construction, the component offers high planarity and three-point attachment to the board.

The component, which is manufactured according to ISO/TS 16949 and AEC-Q 200-certified, is suitable for automated assembly and is good for applications such as buck converters, boost converters, fly-back converters and EMC filters, says the company.

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