Ultra-miniature snap-in capacitors suit power and motor applications

Aimed at compact white goods, motor control, UPS, and other power supply applications, Rubycon's MXK series ultra-miniature snap-in capacitors are now available from Digi-Key. The MXK is a series size reduction from the MXH and MXG ser

Digikey | 25-03-2015

Wet tantalum capacitor offers improved capabilities for avionics and aerospace

A new tantalum-cased wet tantalum capacitor with a glass-to-tantalum hermetic seal, approved to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) drawing 15005, has been introduced by Vishay. For avionics and aerospace systems, the device is the industry's fi

Vishay | 25-03-2015

Latest thick-film chip resistors qualified to AEC-Q200

Stackpole Electronics has announced that the RMCF Series of thick-film chip resistors is now qualified to AEC-Q200 for sizes from 0402 through 2512. Per AEC-Q200, the resistors must have an operating temperature range of -55C to 150C a

Stackpole | 19-03-2015

Ultra-high K dielectric capacitor range suits many demanding needs

Knowles has expanded its DLI ‘UX’ ultra-high K dielectric capacitor range. The ‘UX’ material has the company's highest dielectric constant allows for higher capacitance values in existing case sizes, or smaller sized components – all ach

Knowles | 18-03-2015

Power inductors provide comprehensive DC-DC converter management support

A semi-shielded power inductor offering one of the industry’s widest selections of footprint, profile and inductance value options, the SRN4012T has been introduced by Bourns. It designed using superior semi-magnetic shielding technology

Bourns | 18-03-2015

Fast-switching capacitors target high-frequency applications

Mouser is now stocking the newest additions to the Epcos CeraLink capacitor series. Aimed at high-frequency applications, the CeraLink SP and LP capacitors are novel in that as the voltage across the capacitor increases, the capacitance

Mouser Electronics | 18-03-2015

Readily available oscillators with several temperature, frequency and stability options

IDT's Fox Electronics has greatly expanded its line of off-the-shelf 3.3V crystal oscillators (XOs). The stocked options now include standard packages offered in several different frequencies and in sizes down to 2mm x 1.6mm. Available

IDT | 18-03-2015

New impregnated-paper EMI suppression capacitors available

Farnell element14 has announced it is the first major distributor to market Kemet's new P295 and P278 series impregnated paper EMI suppression capacitors. Impregnated paper is the ideal dielectric material for operating as part of an

Farnell element14 | 17-03-2015

Snap-in electrolytic capacitors high-reliability long-life power systems

Aimed at applications such as frequency converters, UPS, and SMPS systems, Kemet's ALC10 snap-in aluminium electrolytic capacitors are now available from Mouser stock. The devices featuring high ripple current, high surge voltage capab

Mouser Electronics | 16-03-2015

High-current shielded power inductors for automotive applications

Aimed at a range of automotive applications, RS Components now stocks the AEC-Q200 qualified Bourns SRP4012TA Series shielded wire-wound SMD inductor. The high-current shielded power inductors have a carbonyl powder core featuring high s

RS Components | 16-03-2015

Surface-mount oscillators feature ultra-low RMS Jitter

Available now from Mouser stock, Abracon's ASG2 Series oscillators operate at +2.5V or +3.3V and have a -40C to +85C standard operating temperature range. The compact devices come in a miniature size 2.5mm x 2mm x 1mm ceramic SMT packag

Mouser Electronics | 16-03-2015

New surface-mount inductors target power applications

Gowanda Electronics has introduced the SMP2512 Series of surface-mount wirewound ferrite-core, moulded power inductors. The new series addresses a market need for a specific combination of size and performance in the power electronics in

Gowanda | 16-03-2015

New solid tantalum surface-mount chip capacitors offer ultra-low ESR

TTI now stocks in Europe Vishay’s latest PolyTan series of surface-mount polymer tantalum moulded chip capacitors in five compact case sizes. Optimized for computer, telecom, and industrial applications, the Polytech T55 series devices fea

TTI Europe | 16-03-2015

High-reliability RoHS-compliant SMD MLCCs for automotive applications

Vishay has introduced a new series of RoHS-compliant, surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) for automotive applications. Available with C0G (NP0), X7R, and X8R dielectrics in six body sizes ranging from 0402 to1812, the V

Vishay | 12-03-2015