Metallised polypropylene film capacitors target audio applications

11-11-2015 | Components Bureau | Passives

Components Bureau now offers JB Capacitors' JSX series of metallised polypropylene film capacitors which offer superior performance in audio applications. The capacitors feature a precise tolerance of ±3% or ±5% (1 kHz), as well as, low ESR, inductance, dissipation and dielectric absorption factors. High sound quality is achieved through the optimized handling of high-current pulses and fast transient response times in the audio frequency range. The axial mount series is available in industry standard capacitance values ranging from 0.1 to 100µF, with rated voltages of 250V, 400V and 630Vdc, capable of withstanding surges of 150% times the rated voltage for five seconds. The JSX series will operate over a wide -55C to +85C temperature range and meets the passive flammability ratings of GB10191-88 and IEC384-16, says the company.

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