Current-sense resistors available in many popular sizes and packages

Ohmite's current-sense resistors are now available from TTI in many popular sizes and packages. The resistors are used to monitor current in a circuit via a voltage drop and control circuit. Current-sense resistors are characterized by

TTI Europe | 29-05-2015

Low-profile high-current power inductors for high saturation currents

Latest from Vishay is a new series of low-profile, high-current power inductors featuring powdered iron cores for high saturation current up to 5.8A. Lowering costs and saving board space in computer, consumer, and telecom applications, Vis

Vishay | 28-05-2015

Resistor arrays now qualified to AEC-Q200 in most popular sizes

Stackpole's popular RAVF Series convex termination chip resistor arrays and RACF concave termination arrays are now qualified to AEC-Q200 for the most popular sizes. Qualified sizes include 0402 X 2, 0402 X 4, and 0603 X 4 for the RAVF a

Stackpole | 28-05-2015

Dual inductors target Class D audio amplifier systems

Mouser now stocks Vishay's AEC-Q200-qualified low-profile, high-current IHLD-4032KB-5A Series dual inductors. The devices feature two inductors in one package with a shielded construction and low coupling for minimal cross-talk between i

Mouser Electronics | 27-05-2015

New low-power miniature TCXO available in five versions

Housed in a small 2mm x 2.5mm x 0.8mm ceramic package, IQD’s new IQXT-260 series of digitally compensated TCXOs, employs an analogue ASIC for the oscillator and a high order temperature compensation circuit that provides a smoother signal.

IQD | 22-05-2015

Wirewound fixed resistors support high-temperature and high-voltage operation

Bourns has introduced two new low thermal resistant ceramic core wirewound resistor series. The axial-lead resistor families offer designers an effective circuit conditioning solution for applications that have particularly high temperat

Bourns | 20-05-2015

Low-profile high-current inductors with e-field shield suit auto needs

Vishay/Dale IHLE-4040DC-5A Series automotive-grade high-current low-profile SMD inductors are now available from Mouser stock. The devices feature an integrated e-shield, when connected to ground which provides up to -20dB EMI reduction at

Mouser Electronics | 18-05-2015

High-quality crystal units for automotive and other demanding applications

Designed to deliver consistent superior quality with mass production capabilities, Farnell element14 now stocks the Murata XRCGB-F-A series crystal units for automotive applications. Available in cut tape with next day delivery the XRCGB

Farnell element14 | 14-05-2015

New SMD jumpers handle more current than standard types

The new HCJ series from Stackpole offers a thin-film surface-mount chip jumper capable of handling over 20 times more current than standard types. The current handling ranges from 6.5A for the HCJ0402 size up to 63.2A for the HCJ2512,

Stackpole | 14-05-2015

High-current wide frequency range EMI network filters

Murata BNX Series EMI network filters are now available from Mouser stock. The EMI suppression filters supporting large current, wide frequency and SMD mounting. They are effective for noise suppression for DC switching lines of automoti

Mouser Electronics | 12-05-2015

Expanded metal film MELF resistor series now includes a 0102 size option

Stackpole Electronics has expanded its metal film MELF series, MLF/MLFM, to now include the 0102 size. This size is offered in 1/8W and 1/5W power ratings and is capable of tolerances down to ±0.1% and TCR's as low as ±15 ppm. MELFs a

Stackpole | 08-05-2015

Enhanced AEC-Q200-qualified MLCC and EMI filter ranges offers more options

To meet increasing demands from the automotive market, Syfer Technology has improved its offering of AEC-Q200 qualified devices. In particular its multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC’s) and EMI filter products now have extended ranges.

Syfer | 08-05-2015

Compact thick-film chip resistor series delivers voltages up to 500V

Designed to meet the demand for high voltages in industrial and medical applications while saving valuable PCB space, a new series of thick-film chip resistors has been introduced by Vishay. The RCV e3 Series devices offer high limiting el

Vishay | 08-05-2015

Precision high-temperature thin-film chip resistor now automotive qualified

Latest from Vishay comes news that its PLTT precision high-temperature thin-film chip resistor is now available in an AEC-Q200 automotive-qualified 0603 case size. Providing a greater than 100C extension over conventional chip resistors,

Vishay | 07-05-2015