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Enhanced industrial-grade stretched LCD displays launched

Crystal Display Systems (CDS) has launched its updated range of industrial-grade stretched LCD displays, setting a new standard in the industry. With an extensive inventory of ex-stock items, it emerges as the go-to company for cutting-edge

Crystal Display Systems | 15-01-2024

New LCD bias power ICs deliver high performance in display devices

Nexperia has introduced a new series of space-saving, high-efficiency, dual-output LCD bias power supplies. These devices have been designed to extend the lifetime of TFT-LCD panels used in various applications, including smartphones, table

Nexperia | 12-01-2024

Single chip LCOS panel for next-generation smart AR/XR/MR glasses

OMNIVISION now offers the new OP03050, a low-power, small form factor liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) panel that combines the LCOS array, driving circuit, framebuffer and interface in a single chip. The device supplies a high-resolution, i

OMNIVISION | 12-01-2024

Optical distance sensor modules offer a particularly large FoV

With theTMF8820-1A, Rutronik adds new distance sensor modules from ams OSRAM to its range. The direct ToF sensors support a detection range of up to 5000mm with a dynamically adjustable FoV. The raw data is processed on the chip, and the se

Rutronik | 11-01-2024

Multi-colour LEDs for vital sign monitoring

Mouser now stocks the ams OSRAM SFH 7018x Multiled for Vital Sign Monitoring. These multi-colour LEDs created for Vital Sign Monitoring provide a highly reflective QFN package for greatly increased light output. These three-in-one, high-

Mouser Electronics | 10-01-2024

New photorelay features achieve greater reliability in electrically noisy environments

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released the first >1.4A-rated DIP4 package photorelay with an OFF-state output terminal voltage of 80V, over temperature and over voltage protection functions. Photorelays combine the functions of

Toshiba | 10-01-2024

Reference design for advanced in-cabin sensing to enhance vehicle safety and comfort

Eyeris Technologies, Inc., OMNIVISION and Leopard Imaging, Inc. have partnered on a production reference design to improve the automobile cabin's safety and comfort. This jointly developed reference design incorporates Eyeris' advanced mono

Eyeris | 10-01-2024

Visible LED line lights offer superior illumination for colour inspection applications

ProPhotonix Limited has announced the addition of a new standard configuration to its innovative COBRA HyperSpec LED line light product range – visible hyperspectral LED lights. Building on the earlier release of the COBRA HyperSpec Visi

ProPhotonix | 10-01-2024

Dynamic colour effects for colourful interior lighting

Rutronik now stocks the intelligent RGB LEDs of the OSIRE 3731i series from ams OSRAM. The light source includes an integrated driver, improved colour accuracy, and increased brightness. The OSP allows serial data communication between hund

Rutronik | 28-12-2023

Optocouplers combine a low supply current with a wide voltage supply range

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has introduced five new 10MBd high-speed optocouplers that provide low power consumption to save energy in industrial applications. Supplying a wide voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V and an open collector output, th

Vishay | 12-12-2023

High-speed camera production system has lens assembly and alignment in one

CMAT-S is an all-in-one system for assembling and dynamically aligning lenses in ADAS cameras. With this machine, ASMPT AEi presents a powerful implementation of its patented Continuous Sweep Alignment process, greatly improving the system'

ASMPT | 08-12-2023

Photovoltaic output photocoupler for automotive launched

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH offers a new photovoltaic output photocoupler with an enhanced open-circuit voltage. The new device is mainly intended for use within SSR applications in automotive. However, it can also be employed in indust

Toshiba Electronics | 07-12-2023

New series of sustainable luminaires

LEDVANCE has launched a new product series, EVERLOOP, offering luminaires with conveniently replaceable LED light sources and drivers. Using replaceable parts, these products maximise a luminaire’s lifespan, avoiding the necessity to dispos

Ledvance | 07-12-2023

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Whether quality assurance, logistics tasks, or kiosk systems, quickly available, optimally focused image information helps make optimal decisions, avoid errors, and speed up work processes. When it is essential to refocus frequently, it see

IDS | 07-12-2023