New electromechanical invisible locking for specialist vehicles or cabinets

Externally invisible locking is afforded by the new EMKA ePush-Lock, satisfying the demand for a comfortable non-handle locking system. This flat design style of internal locking handle is a trend for mobile homes and numerous other applica

Emka | 25-10-2019

New electromechanical lock for cam latches offers vehicle security

The new eCam from EMKA gives a secure electromechanical locking system to stop the opening of a manually operated latch/lock even when forced from the outside. The company's eCam is designed primarily for trailers, mobile homes and RVs wher

Emka | 12-12-2018

Increasing system performance in closed-loop control applications

Improvements in the architecture of PIC and AVR 8-bit MCUs have optimized the devices for using closed-loop control, enabling systems to offload the CPU to manage more tasks and save power. To enable designers to maximize performance and ef

Microchip Technology | 01-06-2018

New line of electromechanical switches with D-SUB connectors cover broad frequency bandwidths

Pasternack has released a new line of electromechanical relay switches in common configurations that operate from DC up to 26.5GHz and feature a D-SUB multi-pin connector interface for reliable and secure DC voltage and command control func

Pasternack | 02-02-2018

New electromechanical switches designed for high reliability with guaranteed low insertion loss

A new series of low insertion loss repeatability electromechanical switches has been released by Pasternack. Typical applications for these switches include test instrumentation, electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, microwave rad

Pasternack | 02-10-2017

Electromechanical indicators are one of the smallest in the industry

Stocked by Mouser, PUI Audio SMI-1027 Series indicators are claimed to currently be the smallest electromechanical indicators in the industry at 9.6mm x 5mm, making them more than 25% smaller in footprint and 28% in profile than the previou

Mouser Electronics | 26-09-2016

DIN Rail contactors combine advantage of solid state with functionality of electromechanical contactors

Crydom DRH 3 Phase AC output solid state DIN rail contactors, available from Mouser, combine the advantages of solid state design with the functionality and ease of use of an electromechanical contactor. The DRH Series features 20amps on ea

Mouser Electronics | 28-06-2016

New generation of electromechanical polymer-film haptic actuators

Kemet has announced a collaboration to develop next-generation electromechanical polymer (EMP) film-based haptic actuators for wearable devices. Novasentis will provide the core technology and haptic actuator film whereas Kemet will develop

Kemet | 18-04-2016

Replacement for electromechanical relays

Designed to replace and offer superior reliability over electromechanical relays, the IXYS' PLB171 800 V solid state relay is available from Digi-Key. It is specially designed to provide 7mm of separation between the two output pins, IXYS I

Digikey | 05-04-2016

High-current MOSFET relays can replace electromechanical relays in smart meters

New high-current MOSFET relays, from Omron Electronic Components Europe, can support continuous loads of up to 3.3A AC, 6.6A DC. The new devices are squarely aimed at electromechanical relay replacement in smart meters, security, medical an

Omron | 10-02-2016

Compact new high-reliability surface-mount SPDT electromechanical switches

Fairview Microwave has introduced a new line of high-reliability SPDT surface mount electromechanical RF switches that cover broadband frequencies from DC to 8GHz. The new RF switches offer exceptional reliability and repeatable performance

Fairview Microwave | 20-01-2016

Tiny electromechanical relays designed to improve RF signal switching repeatability

Designed to improve RF signal switching repeatability over the frequency range, Teledyne RF700/RF703 DPDT miniature electromechanical relays are now available from Mouser stock. The relays are engineered for use in RF attenuator, RF switch

Mouser Electronics | 29-12-2015

Durable and reliable electromechanical gauge pressure on/off switches

Available now from TTI Europe, Honeywell pressure switches are durable, reliable electromechanical gauge pressure on/off switches that are available with either single-pole single-throw (SPST) normally-open or normally-closed circuitry, or

TTI Europe | 12-10-2015

Digitally-controlled micro-opto-electromechanical system SLM

A digitally controlled micro-opto-electromechanical system (MOEMS) spatial light modulator (SLM), the Texas Instruments (TI) DLP4710 digital micromirror device (DMD) is now available from Mouser. When coupled to an appropriate optical syste

Mouser Electronics | 27-08-2015