Bota Systems

Ultra-lightweight through-hole force-torque sensor for robotics applications released

Bota Systems has launched the PixONE, a cutting-edge through-hole sensor that combines high-performance electronics within a compact, ultra-lightweight design. Developed for seamle

Industrial | 02-05-2024

Highly sensitive robotics force-torque sensor released

Bota Systems launches the MiniONE Pro. This advanced six-axis force-torque sensor delivers outstanding sensitivity and compactness, empowering small robotic systems with enhanced f

Test & Measurement | 28-06-2023

Showcasing highly sensitive robotics force-torque sensor

Bota Systems is participating at automatica, the event for smart automation and robotics. At the event, the company will present its latest innovation – an extremely sensitive and

Test & Measurement | 21-06-2023

Miniature six-axis force-torque sensor elevates robotics performance

Bota Systems has released its smallest sensor yet, the MiniONE. Created to improve micro-robotic systems with haptic feedback, the MiniONE is a six-axis sensor that is straightforw

Test & Measurement | 26-05-2023